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Congratulations to Tyler Cuyugan for being named student of the month for March!  Tyler is 10 years old and  has been practicing martial arts for 2 years!  Tyler started training for self-defense and to prevent himself from being bullied!  His favorite part of training in the martial arts is kobudo (weapons), he is currently learning […]

Congratulations to Sensei David Henshall for his recent wins at the AAU Virginia State Championships in Richmond, VA on April 14th!  He took gold medals in kata(forms) and kobudo(weapons)!  Great job, now it’s on to the Southeast Regional on May 5th!

Great day of training on Sat., March 10th, at CMAC!  Kobudo seminar covering bo kihon 1-8, Shushi no Kon Sho kata, and bo tai bo kumite!  Next seminar is June 8th in Ahoskie, N.C., using the sai!  Five hours training!

Congratulations to Sensei David Henshall for his recent outstanding performance at the AAU State Championships on March 3rd!  Sensei Henshall received bronze medals in kata, kumite, and kobudo!  Time to get ready for regionals and nationals!  Good luck!

Congratulations to Sindi Juarez Perez and Aiden Brunner!  Sindi is student of the month for January and Aiden for February! Sindi, age 35, has been training for almost 3 years.  She began training after watching her son for several months and Sensei gave her a gift certificate to try the classes!  Her favorite part of […]


Dear CMAC families and friends, thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our Christmas collection this year!  We were able to help many families this holiday season!  You always amaze with your giving heart!  Thank you and God bless!  Pictured with Sensei Gurganus is Hope Valley principal, Kristen Tate, with some of the items […]



Thank you to everyone who came out to help with our demo at Holt Elementary on Wed., Aug. 16th!  We were able to demonstrate for the whole 2nd grade for a hour!  We showed karate, jiujitsu, kobudo and iaido!  We also answered questions from the kids!  


On a recent trip to GA, I had the chance to train and teach with my old student and friend, Sensei Todd Irvine!  Check out the pictures from 1989 and 2017, 28 years apart!  

We had a wonderful seminar with Hanshi Dometrich on July 22nd!  We worked on bo and sai basics, then the kata Chikin Shitahaku no Sai and Shirotaru no Kon!  We had Shito-ryu, Shotokan, Shorin-ryu, Isshin-ryu and Kenpo styles all represented and training together!  Great day of training!  We all went out to eat Chinese food […]

Congratulations to Marc Mitzner on his recent outstanding performances at the 2017 AAU National Championships in Raleigh, NC! Marc took a silver medal in kobudo, and bronze medals in kata and kumite! We are all proud of you!

Great to have a visit from old friends and students!  Greg and Alzada are original students from when CMAC started in 1991!  They moved to Chicago in 1993 and are now living in Washington state!  Both are still actively training in Shorin-ryu karate.  They were in town to visit and train June 23rd – 25th!

Congratulations to Marc Mitzner for his recent outstanding performances at the 2017 AAU Super Regional in Apex, N.C. on May 20th!  Marc took gold-kobudo, silver-kata, and bronze-kumite!  Outstanding for our only competitor going to Nationals in Raleigh at the end of June. Great job, bring back the gold!

Great to have Sensei Jesse Knowles, 6th Dan, visit and train with us this week.  Sensei Knowles was in town for a autism conference!