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Team CMAC just competed in the AAU National Karate Championships held in Raleigh, NC!  Our seven member team brought back sixteen medals and several national champions!  Team results are as follows:  Micheal Goss – silver/kumite;  Matias Bross – bronze/kata;  Nathan Henshall – bronze/short kobudo, bronze/long kobudo;  Marc Mitzner – gold/kata, gold/kobudo, silver/kumite;  David Henshall – […]


Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich was here for a kobudo seminar Aug. 2nd!  It was a great day of training covering bo and sai.  Sai basics was emphasized and the review of the kata Chikinshitahaku no Sai, Chatan Yara no Sai, Hamahiga no Sai, and Kugusuku no Sai!  Bo basics were also covered and the kata Yuniga […]

No classes, Saturday, August 2nd!  Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich will be here teaching a kobudo seminar from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.!  Seminar will cover basics, kata, and applications.  Testing and advancement will be available for those who are ready.  Seminar cost is $50 and we will all be going  out to eat lunch afterwards.

Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich hosted  kobudo training at her ranch in Dry Ridge, Kentucky on Aug. 17th and 18th!  Training included sai basics and kata review, bo kata review, bo tai sai kumite and striking the bo makiwara(striking post), which is seen in the picture above.  Advanced training was giving in kama, tinbe/rochin, and the left-handed […]

Our old friends, Sheree Adams and MM Graham, visited from Austin, TX and came in for some kobudo training!  Their student David Glenn was also present!  We reviewed bo and nunchaku and had time to catch up and hear about their recent trip to Okinawa!  Sheree and MM were the owners and chief instructors for […]

On Oct. 6th we raised $1,200.00 for Special Olympics of Durham County!!!  The event was sponsored by the Diversity in Martial Arts Association and is going to be an annual event!  All proceeds went to the newly started equestrian program!  Great job to all the participants and instructors who donated their time, effort, and teaching […]

                        Sensei Bill Harmon, Steve Kabbord and Kevin Gurganus.