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Eluis Schudel has been training at CMAC since January of 2005!  He took his last class this Wednesday, for awhile.  He is moving to Germany for two years where his mom has taken a job at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center!  When he returns to the United States he plans to attend a military college […]

Note from Zoe’s mom – Mr. G,  A huge thank you is way overdue…  After observing a few different karate dojos and being very unimpressed I took Zoe to Polander’s.  I had been hesitant only because of the price(northern prices are double or triple here for all activities) and Polander’s happened to be most of […]

Congratulations to everyone who tested!!!  What a great job.  CMAC has three new Shodans(1st Dan)!  Back row(L-R) Alex Gilligan, David Storelli, and Sam Sykes!  Two new brown belts!  Front row(L-R) Joe Kelly and Mike Penne!                                                  New purple belts!  Back row(L-R) Jacob Rogers, Jacob Ross, Jarrod Ross, William Storch, Kylenn Drake.  New blue belts!  Front row(L-R) […]

Sensei David Henshall and his son, Nathan Henshall, competed in the AAU regional qualifier in Goldsboro, NC on May 11th!  Sensei Gurganus competed in the USA-NKF state qualifier in Hampton, VA on May 4th!  Sensei Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Silver-kumite.  Nathan Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Gold-kumite, Gold-team kata.  Sensei Gurganus: Gold-kobudo, Silver-kata.  Great job and good luck […]