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Team CMAC just competed in the AAU National Karate Championships held in Raleigh, NC!  Our seven member team brought back sixteen medals and several national champions!  Team results are as follows:  Micheal Goss – silver/kumite;  Matias Bross – bronze/kata;  Nathan Henshall – bronze/short kobudo, bronze/long kobudo;  Marc Mitzner – gold/kata, gold/kobudo, silver/kumite;  David Henshall – […]

Congratulations to everyone who tested recently!  It’s great to see everyone working so hard to get to the next level!  Great job again!  Sensei

Congratulations to everyone who tested in August!  Everyone looked very good and did a great job!  See you in your new classes!  Sensei

Sensei David Henshall and his son, Nathan Henshall, competed in the AAU regional qualifier in Goldsboro, NC on May 11th!  Sensei Gurganus competed in the USA-NKF state qualifier in Hampton, VA on May 4th!  Sensei Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Silver-kumite.  Nathan Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Gold-kumite, Gold-team kata.  Sensei Gurganus: Gold-kobudo, Silver-kata.  Great job and good luck […]

Nathan Henshall competed in the AAU Virginia State Championship on April 13th!  Nathan won 3 gold medals(kata, kobudo, and kumite) and also won his match during the team competition, a perfect day!  Shihan Gurganus competed in the East Carolina University Open on April 20th!  Shihan Gurganus won gold-kata, silver-kobudo, and bronze-kumite.  He also won the […]

Congratulations to David and Nathan Henshall for their outstanding performance at the AAU state qualifier in Winston-Salem, N.C. on March 16th! Dave Henshall: gold-kobudo, silver-kata, silver-kumite! Nathan Henshall: gold-kobudo, silver-kata, silver-kumite! Like father, like son!  Great job guys!

On Oct. 6th we raised $1,200.00 for Special Olympics of Durham County!!!  The event was sponsored by the Diversity in Martial Arts Association and is going to be an annual event!  All proceeds went to the newly started equestrian program!  Great job to all the participants and instructors who donated their time, effort, and teaching […]

Congratulations to David Henshall, Nancy Chase, and Nathan Henshall for their recent wins at the AAU Nationals! David Henshall – Silver(short weapons), Bronze(individual kumite)! Nancy Chase – Gold(kata), Gold(short weapons), Gold(long weapons), Gold(team kumite),Silver(individual kumite)! Nathan Henshall – Silver(kata), Bronze(short weapons)! Great job everyone!!!  We will start team training in Jan. 2013 to get ready […]

Congratulations to Team CMAC for an outstanding performance at the AAU State tournament on   March17th in Raliegh!  Results were as follows (L-R). Nathan Henshall: Kata-Gold, Kobudo-Silver, Kumite-Bronze. Shihan Kevin Gurganus: Kata-Gold, Kobudo-Gold. Sensei David Henshall: Kumite-Gold, Kodudo-Silver, Kata-Bronze. Sensei Nancy Chase: Kata-Gold, Kobudo-Gold, Kumite-Silver. Sensei Henshall had a very exciting match for the gold medal […]