CMAC will be closed Thurs., July 2nd – Sat., July 4th!  Our competition team will be competing in the AAU National Karate Championships in Raleigh, NC on July 2nd and 3rd!  CMAC will also be closed for the July 4th holiday!  Come out and support our team if you can and enjoy time with friends and family on the 4th!

Last sparring workout before nationals, 6/27, I thank were ready!

Last sparring workout before nationals, 6/27, I think were ready!


Celie - 2010/2015

Celie – 2010/2015

Alex - 1998

Alex – 1998

Alex - 2015

Alex – 2015

Nadia - 2007

Nadia – 2007

Nadia - 2015

Nadia – 2015

Debbera Carson was promoted to Renshi by Kyoshi Troy Price!  Renshi is an advanced teaching title that literally means “polished expert”.  Nancy Chase was promoted to Sandan(3rd degree black belt) in Motobu-ha Shito-ryu by Shihan Gurganus!  Congratulations to the ladies for these fine accomplishments and awards!

"Renshi" Carson and Kyoshi Troy Price

“Renshi” Carson and Kyoshi Troy Price

Nancy Chase - Sandan

Nancy Chase – Sandan

7th kyu - Front row: Brian, Micheal, Taylor.  Back row: Nadia, Robert, Dillion.

7th Kyu – Front row: Brian, Micheal, Taylor. Back row: Nadia, Robert, Dylan.

9th Kyu - Billy, Kusita, Ari.

9th Kyu – Billy, Ari, Cusita.

5th Kyu - Celie, 6th Kyu - Marc.

5th Kyu – Celie, 6th Kyu – Marc.

Many of you have been touched by or know someone with Autism!  Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day and April is National Autism Awareness month!  I have been blessed, honored, and privileged to teach and work with many individuals with this condition over the past thirty years, both at Carolina Martial Arts Center and in the public school system.  I would like to dedicate this post to our son, Zackary, who is now 17 years old!  I am a better teacher, father, husband and care giver because of him.  Thank you!  Kevin Gurganus, chief instructor for Carolina Martial Arts Center and father of a child with Autism!  

April is Autism Awareness Month!

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Zackary Gurganus - April 2, 2015

Zackary Gurganus – April 2, 2015


Luke – Pinan Nidan

Kumite - Semi-finals

Kumite – Semi-finals

Nathan - Empi

Nathan – Empi

Sensei Bill-Nipaipo

Sensei Bill-Nipaipo

Great job to team CMAC for their recent tournament  performances.  Individual medal counts are as follows!  Go for the Gold Tournament, Goldsboro, N.C., Feb. 21st – Nancy Chase – gold/kata, silver/kobudo, silver/mandatory kata. Bill Harmon – bronze/kumite, bronze/kobudo.  David Henshall – gold/kumite, gold/kobudo, silver/kata, silver/mandatory kata.  Nathan Henshall – silver/kobudo, silver/kumite, bronze/kata.  AAU State Championship, Raleigh, N.C., Mar. 14th – Jake Slavich – gold/kata.  Marc Mitzner – gold/kobudo, silver/kumite, bronze/kata.  Eva Mitzner – gold/kobudo, silver/kumite, silver/kata.  Nancy Chase – gold/kata, gold/kobudo.  Bill Harmon – silver/kobudo, bronze/kumite.  Kevin Gurganus – gold/kobudo, silver/kumite, silver/kata.  Nathan Henshall – bronze/kata, bronze/kumite, bronze/kobudo.  Keep up the good work!  Thanks to Marc Mitzner for all the great action shots!

Shihan Gurganus was the featured instructor at the Landry Gray Memorial Seminar held at the Charles June Karate Institute in Winterville, NC on March 7th!  Over 50 martial artist were in attendance with different class subjects every hour!  A great day of training and learning for all!

Landry Gray Memorial Seminar!

Landry Gray Memorial Seminar!

Congratulations to Sensei David Henshall and Bill Harmon!  David and Bill successfully tested and passed for the rank of Yondan (4th dan) in Motobu-ha Shito-ryu!  They tested Jan. 23rd at winter camp in front of the Kuniba-kai high dan board.  Both have been long time members of CMAC and are great assets to our dojo!  Great job guys, we are so proud of you!

David Henshall and Bill Harmon

David Henshall and Bill Harmon

P1030899Soke Shogo Kuniba would have been 80 years old today, Feb. 5th!  He was the founder of our karate style, Motobu-ha Shito-ryu.  His teachings live on through his former students and Kuniba-kai International.  Domo Arigato!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with our demo at Hope Valley Elementary School on Feb. 5th!  It was International Night and there was food, music, dancing, demonstrations, etc. from many different cultures and countries!  We represented Okinawa with a traditional karate and kobudo demonstration!  Great job everyone!

International Night demo team!

International Night demo team!