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Team CMAC just competed in the AAU National Karate Championships held in Raleigh, NC!  Our seven member team brought back sixteen medals and several national champions!  Team results are as follows:  Micheal Goss – silver/kumite;  Matias Bross – bronze/kata;  Nathan Henshall – bronze/short kobudo, bronze/long kobudo;  Marc Mitzner – gold/kata, gold/kobudo, silver/kumite;  David Henshall – […]

Debbera Carson was promoted to Renshi by Kyoshi Troy Price!  Renshi is an advanced teaching title that literally means “polished expert”.  Congratulations to Renshi Carson for this fine accomplishment and award!

Great job to team CMAC for their recent tournament  performances.  Individual medal counts are as follows!  Go for the Gold Tournament, Goldsboro, N.C., Feb. 21st – Nancy Chase – gold/kata, silver/kobudo, silver/mandatory kata. Bill Harmon – bronze/kumite, bronze/kobudo.  David Henshall – gold/kumite, gold/kobudo, silver/kata, silver/mandatory kata.  Nathan Henshall – silver/kobudo, silver/kumite, bronze/kata.  AAU State Championship, […]

Congratulations to those who tested on Dec. 17th and 18th!  Great job and keep up the good work!  Not pictured is Joshua P.!

Thank you to everyone in our CMAC family who contributed to our Christmas collection for Hope Valley Elementary!  Your giving heart and unselfishness never seize to amaze me!  We also had enough donations to help with another school, Merrick-Moore Elementary! Pictured are some of the items that were donated and Kristin Tate – asst. principle, […]

On a recent trip to California and Hawaii, Sensei Gurganus had the pleasure to train at several dojos. Kyoshi and Mina Yamazaki of Japan Ryobu-kai(Anaheim, CA) and Sensei Max Lee of Okinawan Goju-ryu(Maui)!  He also had the chance to visit with Sensei Chuzo Kotaka and his wife at their home in Honolulu, Oahu.  Domo arigoto! […]

Evelyn demonstrates proper form and technique used for a reverse punch in kumite(sparring)!  Body is low, back leg is bent and pushing off the ball of the foot!  Her back is straight, keeping her hips under her shoulders for maximum power!  She has a nice straight wrist with her punching arm with good extension and […]

Congratulations to everyone who tested recently!  It’s great to see everyone working so hard to get to the next level!  Great job again!  Sensei

Congratulations to everyone who tested in August!  Everyone looked very good and did a great job!  See you in your new classes!  Sensei


Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich was here for a kobudo seminar Aug. 2nd!  It was a great day of training covering bo and sai.  Sai basics was emphasized and the review of the kata Chikinshitahaku no Sai, Chatan Yara no Sai, Hamahiga no Sai, and Kugusuku no Sai!  Bo basics were also covered and the kata Yuniga […]

No classes, Saturday, August 2nd!  Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich will be here teaching a kobudo seminar from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.!  Seminar will cover basics, kata, and applications.  Testing and advancement will be available for those who are ready.  Seminar cost is $50 and we will all be going  out to eat lunch afterwards.

Congratulations to Nancy Chase and Nathan Henshall for their recent outstanding performances at the AAU National Championships in Florida!  Nathan received Silver medals in both kobudo and kumite!  Nancy received Gold in both short and long kobudo, Silver in her age group kata, and Bronze in mandatory kata and kumite!  Great job!  Don’t forget that […]

Congratulations to everyone who tested!  Another great test from everybody!  The hard work and effort really shows!  Thanks for all the family support and kind words from all the parents.  You all are awesome!   Sensei Gurganus

Oct. 12th, 2013 – Durham Martial Arts Symposium!  CMAC hosted our annual fundraiser for Special Olympics at Edison Johnson Recreation Center!  We had a great time for a great cause!  We were able to present Special Olympics of Durham County with a check for $1000.00!  Our donation was put towards the swimming and equestrian programs!  […]

Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich hosted  kobudo training at her ranch in Dry Ridge, Kentucky on Aug. 17th and 18th!  Training included sai basics and kata review, bo kata review, bo tai sai kumite and striking the bo makiwara(striking post), which is seen in the picture above.  Advanced training was giving in kama, tinbe/rochin, and the left-handed […]

 Hanshi Lemuel “Doc” Stroud, 10th Dan, passed away Wednesday evening, July 10th, 2013,  after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease!  Hanshi Stroud was my main jiujitsu instructor, along with his senior students, Clayton Tucker and L.D. Tomlinson.  I first met Hanshi Stroud in 1978.  I have many great memories of seminars, clinics, camps, tournaments, tests, classes […]

Congratulations to Nathan and David Henshall on their recent outstanding performances at the 2013 AAU Nationals in Cinncinati, Ohio!  Sensei Henshall – Gold/Kumite, Gold/Short Kobudo, Silver/Long Kobudo, Bronze/Kata!  Nathan Henshall – Silver/Kobudo!  Nathan lost a tough kumite match in overtime to the eventual gold medal winner!  He also made it to the top four in […]

Eluis Schudel has been training at CMAC since January of 2005!  He took his last class this Wednesday, for awhile.  He is moving to Germany for two years where his mom has taken a job at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center!  When he returns to the United States he plans to attend a military college […]

Sensei David Henshall and his son, Nathan Henshall, competed in the AAU regional qualifier in Goldsboro, NC on May 11th!  Sensei Gurganus competed in the USA-NKF state qualifier in Hampton, VA on May 4th!  Sensei Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Silver-kumite.  Nathan Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Gold-kumite, Gold-team kata.  Sensei Gurganus: Gold-kobudo, Silver-kata.  Great job and good luck […]