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Evelyn demonstrates proper form and technique used for a reverse punch in kumite(sparring)!  Body is low, back leg is bent and pushing off the ball of the foot!  Her back is straight, keeping her hips under her shoulders for maximum power!  She has a nice straight wrist with her punching arm with good extension and […]

Congratulations to everyone who tested!  Another great test from everybody!  The hard work and effort really shows!  Thanks for all the family support and kind words from all the parents.  You all are awesome!   Sensei Gurganus

Oct. 12th, 2013 – Durham Martial Arts Symposium!  CMAC hosted our annual fundraiser for Special Olympics at Edison Johnson Recreation Center!  We had a great time for a great cause!  We were able to present Special Olympics of Durham County with a check for $1000.00!  Our donation was put towards the swimming and equestrian programs!  […]

Kyoshi Yoshiko Dometrich hosted  kobudo training at her ranch in Dry Ridge, Kentucky on Aug. 17th and 18th!  Training included sai basics and kata review, bo kata review, bo tai sai kumite and striking the bo makiwara(striking post), which is seen in the picture above.  Advanced training was giving in kama, tinbe/rochin, and the left-handed […]

 Hanshi Lemuel “Doc” Stroud, 10th Dan, passed away Wednesday evening, July 10th, 2013,  after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease!  Hanshi Stroud was my main jiujitsu instructor, along with his senior students, Clayton Tucker and L.D. Tomlinson.  I first met Hanshi Stroud in 1978.  I have many great memories of seminars, clinics, camps, tournaments, tests, classes […]

Congratulations to Nathan and David Henshall on their recent outstanding performances at the 2013 AAU Nationals in Cinncinati, Ohio!  Sensei Henshall – Gold/Kumite, Gold/Short Kobudo, Silver/Long Kobudo, Bronze/Kata!  Nathan Henshall – Silver/Kobudo!  Nathan lost a tough kumite match in overtime to the eventual gold medal winner!  He also made it to the top four in […]

Eluis Schudel has been training at CMAC since January of 2005!  He took his last class this Wednesday, for awhile.  He is moving to Germany for two years where his mom has taken a job at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center!  When he returns to the United States he plans to attend a military college […]

Sensei David Henshall and his son, Nathan Henshall, competed in the AAU regional qualifier in Goldsboro, NC on May 11th!  Sensei Gurganus competed in the USA-NKF state qualifier in Hampton, VA on May 4th!  Sensei Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Silver-kumite.  Nathan Henshall: Gold-kata, Gold-kobudo, Gold-kumite, Gold-team kata.  Sensei Gurganus: Gold-kobudo, Silver-kata.  Great job and good luck […]

Nathan Henshall competed in the AAU Virginia State Championship on April 13th!  Nathan won 3 gold medals(kata, kobudo, and kumite) and also won his match during the team competition, a perfect day!  Shihan Gurganus competed in the East Carolina University Open on April 20th!  Shihan Gurganus won gold-kata, silver-kobudo, and bronze-kumite.  He also won the […]

Congratulations to David and Nathan Henshall for their outstanding performance at the AAU state qualifier in Winston-Salem, N.C. on March 16th! Dave Henshall: gold-kobudo, silver-kata, silver-kumite! Nathan Henshall: gold-kobudo, silver-kata, silver-kumite! Like father, like son!  Great job guys!

Tuesday, Feb. 5th would have been Soke Kuniba’s 78th birthday!   He was the founder of the style of karate that we practice, Motobu-ha Shito-ryu.  A great teacher and father figure to many of us who had the opportunity to train with him!  His teachings and skill will always be remembered.  “Seven times down, eight times […]

Thank you to everyone from our CMAC family who donated items to our recent Christmas collection!   Your generosity and unselfishness never seem to amaze me!  I’m sure you were able to make many kids and their families happy this Christmas!  Pictured are some of the board members of the Diversity of Martial Arts Association who […]

Our old friends, Sheree Adams and MM Graham, visited from Austin, TX and came in for some kobudo training!  Their student David Glenn was also present!  We reviewed bo and nunchaku and had time to catch up and hear about their recent trip to Okinawa!  Sheree and MM were the owners and chief instructors for […]

Little River Elementary had a full week of fund raising for breast cancer awareness!   Sensei Gurganus taught kid’s karate class on Wed. night!

CMAC sponsored the 5th hole and had a team participate in the annual Special Olympics golf tournament at Duke golf course!  Thank you, Jacob, Josh, and Jason for representing Team CMAC!  The event raised over $5,000.00 for Special Olympics! Team CMAC! Jacob, Josh, Jason 5th Hole sponsor!

On Oct. 6th we raised $1,200.00 for Special Olympics of Durham County!!!  The event was sponsored by the Diversity in Martial Arts Association and is going to be an annual event!  All proceeds went to the newly started equestrian program!  Great job to all the participants and instructors who donated their time, effort, and teaching […]

                        Sensei Bill Harmon, Steve Kabbord and Kevin Gurganus.