CMAC emblem

The Carolina Martial Arts Center emblem

Our Emblem contains three circles: the outer edge of the emblem itself, the line between the inside field and the border, and the small space at the center of the four diamonds. A circle is a line with neither beginning nor end. Second, a circle has no parts or angles, it symbolizes perfection. Third, a circle encloses what is within its limits and therefore it symbolizes unity. The emblem represents infinity, perfection, and unity.

The central pattern of our emblem are four elongated diamonds at right angles to each other. The diamonds represent the brilliant and hard character forged from a relatively soft material. Each of these diamonds has four points. They point the way to the four basic directions of kata: north, south, east and west. The facets of the diamonds, of which there are eight, symbolize: Intention, Speech, Knowledge, Conduct, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness, and Concentration.

The dot at the center of the emblem is the self. The diamonds radiate outward, they also point inward. They symbolize in that way how our martial arts protect us from what is outside of us and how it also allows our self to flow to new discoveries. Lastly, the diamonds mark the route of ki (or our God) as it flows from us, into us, and through us. Ki is both our center and the center if the universe.

In addition to the shape and pattern of our emblem, we must also consider its colors. They are the same as the American flag and that symbolic meaning agreed upon by the Continental Congress in 1782. The red symbolizes courage; the white purity and innocence; the blue vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Our art is not merely a martial art. It is a way of life. It demands going beyond punching and kicking, doing kata, or doing breakfalls 1,000 times. All of the discipline, sweat, frustration, and pain can lead us to better self-defense, but at its best it alters our character and gives us a better view of life. It is this higher meaning that our emblem symbolizes. The circularity reminds us that our dojo is a unity, that our goal is perfection in both technique and character, that the way is infinite, a road of endless labors. The pattern of our emblem reminds us that we are at the center of a great task, that the labor of kata and the truths of life can lead us to look outward with confidence and to inwardly discover that ki animates us and binds us to the universe. In that is our profound self-defense. The colors remind us that ours is a dojo/union that stands for courage, purity of spirit, knowledge, hard work, and fairness.

Our emblem means the WAY!